“DONEX” enterprise is a manufacturer of various types of blinds, roller shutters, shades and other windows accessories. Main products of the company are made from aluminum and other materials that are imported from Switzerland as raw materials and manufactured according to Swiss standards as a final product.

Our swiss work experience, swiss materials and responsibility at work, offers assurance to our customers for warranty and quality that we provide. Our company respectively our working team tries to be correct and precise on time and services, while offering to our customers confidence and trust for our products.

Donex operates on the whole Kosovo territory and also exports in region and in EU countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia etc.




Advantages of our products:

  1. Swiss quality
  2. Thermal Isolation
  3. Privacy
  4. Provide complete darkness
  5. It prohibits all kind of noises
  6. Prevents moisture
  7. Modern design

Roleta Zvicerane - të vetmit në Kosovë

Posted by Donex Roleta on Wednesday, March 25, 2015