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If you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive solution and especially if space is an issue in your garage or drive, you might consider a Roller door.Roller Garage doors are mounted on tracks that run up the side of the door. As the door rolls up it is stored in a barrel-like compartment at the top. If you have a short driveway which cannot accommodate a door with a swinging action, a roller shutter door could be your perfect solution as it does not obstruct any space which you might use to park in outside of your garage.Our electric roller doors are installed with a space saving tubular motor as well as a remote control and built-in safety features. Because of the design of an automatic garage door, they offer exceptionally high levels of security; once the door is closed it is locked into the side tracks, with no external locks or handles that can be forced open.

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Product Description

Product features:

  • Effective Space Saving
  • High Level of Security
  • Durable and Long-Lasting
  • Easy to Open and Close
  • Compatible with Automation
  • Overhead Space Saving
  • No Kick-Out
  • Save Space in Your driveway
  • Good against the Weather

Aluminium Boxes starting from 205, 300 and 350mm
Guide channels 75 and 90mm
Slats 55 and 77mm, with Thermoisolation foam inside.


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